murrow+co develops web sites and the fantastic b-engine rendering engine, and provides technical support to book publishers, libraries and tertiary institutions. We perform SGML/XML and database transformations for print publications and the internet (multi-purposing), and offer consultancy and customization services.



b-engine renders long documents for the world wide web, paginating them for easy display. It also generates an easy to use table of contents and provides a search engine for each publication's document repository. b-engine handles files that use TEI or HTML/XHTML tagging formats.



murrow+co offers the following services to publishers and other organisations that wish to manage difficult documents:

web development and design

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murrow+co develop and design bespoke e-commerce and promotional web sites, as well as intranet services. In 2007 Raupo Publishing released Tony Murrow's Business Web: A web development guide for business managers and owners. This small guide is the result of 12 years of web site development experience across a wide range of company and government sectors.